Commercial AC and Furnace Repair Services in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Hixson TN

Commercial HVAC Services in Chattanooga, Tennessee

John Kilgore Heating & Air provides commercial business owners in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the surrounding areas with dedicated cooling, heating, automation control and indoor air quality services. Efficient cooling and heating systems are absolutely essential to the successful daily operations of your business – they help to keep your facilities comfortable and safe, improve the productivity of your workforce, and protect your essential business systems and products.

Cooling and heating energy that is consumed by a commercial building uses up a high percentage of the operating budget of a business. However, by making smart equipment selections, building automation, and customized and dedicated service, business owners can minimize their consumption of energy and maximize their savings at the same time. John Kilgore Heating & Air understands that commercial facilities have unique cooling and heating demands – we can provide you with the tailored, dedicated services and solutions that you need for your business.

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Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

Having new HVAC equipment installed can significantly reduce the energy consumption of a building compared to using an inefficient, older model. John Kilgore Heating & Air has highly-trained commercial HVAC technicians on staff to help our commercial customers with choosing the best heating and cooling equipment that will meet the individual comfort demands of their facilities and businesses. We provide quality installation services for all commercial HVAC equipment makes and models to ensure that your new system performs the way it is expected to and will provide you with the efficiency that you need.

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Dedicated service is needed by commercial HVAC system in order to maintain maximum performance and ensure that business operations continue to flow in a smooth manner. John Kilgore Heating & Air provides custom commercial HVAC services that meet the individual needs of your business. We can repair all commercial HVAC systems – we realize how costly downtime is for a business, and we will work to make sure that your systems are back online as soon as possible. We provide commercial HVAC system preventative maintenance services to minimize unexpected breakdowns and operating expenses, extend service life, maintain effective performance, and improve system efficiency.

Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Controls

Having building automation controls in place help to streamline the energy use of your facility, to generate significant control and cost savings. John Kilgore Heating & Air works closely with our commercial building owner customers to recommend the smartest energy savings methods for HVAC, video surveillance, security, and lighting systems. Allow us to help you get an environmentally-friendly workplace created that is effectively controlled, efficient, and comfortable.

A Commercial structure’s largest consumption of energy comes from its Air Conditioning and Heating. Coming in at a close second in energy consumption behind HVAC is Lighting. Knowing that your lights are off can really help to play an important role in keeping a “Green Building” maintained and saving energy.

That is where Building Automation can help. A local thermostat that has limited programming capabilities is what controls a standard HVAC system. For buildings with more than on Heating and Air System, it can be challenging to maintain the comfort of tenants or employees, as well as to control Energy Expenses and keep the costs of maintenance and repair down through monitoring your HVAC equipment’s status. However, when a Building Automation System is in place, the building occupant or owner will have remote access and be able to control all of a structures aspect and also receive notifications whenever there is a problem. For companies that have multiple locations, this is ideal.

John Kilgore Heating & Air provides commercial heating, cooling, indoor air quality and automation control services for business owners in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.  We know that heating and cooling systems are vital to the successful day-to-day operation of your business – they keep your facilities safe and comfortable, improve workforce productivity and protect your products and essential business systems.

Heating and cooling energy used in a commercial building consumes a large portion of a business’s operating budget. However, with smart equipment choices, dedicated and customized service and building automation, business owners are able to minimize energy consumption while maximizing savings. Estes Services recognizes the unique heating and cooling demands of commercial facilities – we are here to provide you with dedicated, tailored solutions and services to meet your needs.

Have an emergency heating or cooling problem? We are available around the clock for emergencies, someone will be available to take your call.  With years of experience, John Kilgore Heating & Air offers a wide range of services to take care of your heating and air conditioning needs.

Commercial HVAC Services Offered

With decades of experience in the area, we provide quality heating and air conditioning service and repair to home and business owners in Chattanooga, Cleveland, Hixson, Soddy-Daisy and the surrounding areas.


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